Production Database Welcome to the online Adult Protective Services Referral System! Click Here to make a referral to NYC Adult Protective Services  Please note:

•  if this is an EMERGENCY or LIFE THREATENING SITUATION and a person needs immediate
    assistance please call 911

•  All Referrals submitted will be processed by the next business day
    (APS is NOT open on weekends)

•  If there are any questions please contact APS Central Intake Unit at 212-630-1853 .

Please do not submit any additional information in the NOTES field about the individual
you are referring to APS that may be considered either confidential or personally identifiable information.
New York State and/or Federal regulations impose privacy and confidentiality restrictions on the use and disclosure of various private information relating to an individual. This includes Social Security numbers, medical information, substance abuse treatment information, mental health information and HIV/AIDS related information.
APS services are provided to individuals 18 years of age and older who:

1. have physical and/or mental difficulties, and

2. because of those difficulties, can't meet their basic needs - things such as:
a. can't get their own food, clothing, medical care;

b. can't get entitlements such as Medicaid (so they can see a doctor)
    or Food Stamps (so they can buy food);

c. can't protect themseves from:

    i.  physical, sexual, or emotional abuse,
    ii.  neglect, or
    iii.  financial exploitation, and

3. who have no person or agency willing and able to help them responsibly.